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Want to get one of my book inspired designs tattooed? This is a listing is for one permission release form. (Please note that this is an optional purchase but means a lot to me as an artist! Thanks for your support!)

Instant download so it’s immediately ready to print and take to your tattoo artist!

Why Purchase a Tattoo Release Form?
1. You support the artist (in this case, me!) for their work.
2. Most reputable tattoo artists will not directly copy artwork that isn't theirs UNLESS there is a waiver. By purchasing this listing, you will be completely covered so you can get any of my designs tattooed.

1. Simply purchase this listing
2. You will immediately receive both a permission release form that you can take to your tattoo artist! 

If you get one done, I'd love to see what it looks like! Tag me on instagram @ashlimarierose or email!

One signed permission release pdf form for one of my art pieces.

Book Tattoo Pass


This listing only includes the permission release form. No artwork will come with it. However, you can purchase any of the listings in my shop to use!

Purchased designs under this listing may not be used for commercial purposes or for any other purpose without express written permission from Ashlimarierose.

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