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  • What is Your Return Policy?
    Ashlimarierose Return Policy: All artwork and pieces are considered FINAL SALE. They may not be returned or exchanged. However, if you have any issues with your piece, please reach out as we're always happy to make it right!
  • Does Your Business Support Any Organizations?
    Ashlimarierose does! A portion of monthly sales goes to a local organization dedicated to supporting people who are incarcerated as well as their families within the Hampton Roads community. In addition, 100% of profits from the Art for a Cause section in the shop goes to various amazing organizations.
  • I'm an Artist! Want to Do An Art Swap?
    Absolutely! I really enjoy connecting with other artists all over the world and sharing art has long been a love of mine. I'd love to trade pieces at similar retail value. If interested, please reach out to me at or connect with me on Instagram at @ashlimarierose. *Please Note- I do not do custom art swaps- only available pieces may be traded.
  • What Events Do You Do?
    I'm available for a wide range of parties! Just some include: ​ Wedding Reception Wine Tasting Event Girls Night Children's Party Charity Fundraiser Corporate Entertainment Birthday Party Product Launch And much more!
  • What Does a Silhouette Artist Do?
    Individual guests are offered the opportunity to have a quick photo taken. It only takes a few seconds, so it's not invasive or overly demanding on the party atmosphere. I then use a tablet to hand draw a celestial portrait of your guest. The detail is unique – and your guests likeness will be instantly recognizable! This sort of entertainment is perfect for setting a party in motion. It’s easy to organize because I am fully responsible for everything from set up to the finished product. This type of entertainment also compliments other activities – it’s fun and fascinating to watch and your guests have the pleasure of a personal framed keepsake!
  • What Does the Set Up Look Like?
    The set-up is quick and simple. Typically, I bring an iPad, printer (no electricity required!), & a small beautiful bistro table and chair. I never want my business to be an eye sore so I ensure that my materials blend well with the atmosphere.
  • I've Never Heard of This! Is it Something New?
    While silhouette artists at events are now considered a unique experience, this type of artistic entertainment became popular in the mid-18th century! It's a fun way to continue a beautiful artistic tradition in a modern way!
  • How Much Does it Cost?
    Private events are $120 per hour (one hour minimum) and include Artist Live Drawing Entertainment All Materials Including Art Tools, Table Set Up, and On Site Printing & Framing Services Guest Souvenir including 2x3 Printed Artwork with Glass and Gold Metal Frame Travel To/From Event (within Hampton Roads) ​ *Note* Artwork Size and Frame Upgrades are Available
  • I'm Outside of Hampton Roads! Can I Still Book You?
    Yes! My beginning rate will remain the same but travel and lodging will be added to the booking fee. For an accurate price quote, please fill out the Inquiry Form on the Private Event page or email
  • I'm An Event Coordinator! How Do I Book You?
    I'd love to learn more about your event! Feel free to reach out at
  • I'm a Store Owner/Manager! Can You Do a Shop Event?
    Absolutely! As a Creative Director in the past, I have a lot of experience with creating successful store events. I'm available for everything from sidewalk live drawing pop ups to indoor sip and shop silhouette afternoons! Feel free to reach out to me at to set up an event!
  • Can I See Photos of Your Tent Set Up/Products?
    Absolutely! For an Ashlimarierose Event Portfolio, feel free to reach out to me at
  • I'd Love a Custom Art Piece Created by You. How Can I Order One?
    There are several ways! My shop page is the easiest and simplest way to commission custom art. Simply go through available listings and purchase the one you'd like to get the process started! Don't see exactly what you want? No problem! Send an inquiry to * Please note that because of my schedule and artistic focus, I will not be able to accept all custom requests and may choose to decline them. This does not mean that your idea isn't great- It may just not be a good fit as an artist/client project.
  • I Want My Finished Piece Edited/Updated. Can You Do it?
    Once an art piece is labeled "final" no additional changes, edits, or additions may be made under our original agreement. Additional changes may be made under a new contract and for an additional price/hourly fee.
  • Why Do I Have to Sign a Contract?
    While contracts can seem intimidating, they are great for both the artist and client as they protect both throughout the design process! All custom artwork must have a signed contract and payment to begin.
  • Can I Have Another Artist Edit Your Work?
    It depends! If you purchase any work created by Ashlimarierose including but not limited to: - Illustrations - Logo Designs - Brand Graphics - Custom Art The artwork may NOT be edited in any way unless it is done by Ashlimarierose. If you'd like another artist to edit my work, a full Unlimited Commercial License must be requested. The only design that always comes with editing rights are Custom Tattoos. These may be edited by the client and tattoo artist only as written in the Tattoo Use Waiver.
  • I Have a Design by Another Artist That I Want to Update. Can You Do It?
    As a professional artist, it's important to me respect both my artistic integrity and the work of others. Therefore, I cannot edit, change, or work off of any other artist's design. It's best to reach out to the original artist if you'd like to change their piece!
  • What is Your Turnaround Time?
    It completely depends based on size/medium and product, but here is a basic guide! CUSTOM ART Silhouette Portraits: 48 Hours Line Drawings/Tattoos: 4-6 Weeks BRANDING Logo and Brand Graphics: 6-8 Weeks Web Design: 12 Weeks FINE ART Acrylic Paintings: 8 Week Minimum Oil Paintings: 1 Year Minimum
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