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Take your art practice to the next level with Artist Shell Sketchbooks. Organic, Sea-Sourced and One of a Kind- every sketchbook is a work of art in itself!  Each real shell is carefully washed and hand drilled before it is book bound using premium watercolor paper.  The Artist Shell Sketchbook is the perfect size to toss into your tote or Sicilian Market Bag so that you can create anytime inspiration hits!


Part of the Luciana's Ghost Collection- A design concept & collection by Ashlimarierose meant to inspire and bring your vintage  mediterranean dreams to life!



Measurements: Scallop Shells measure approximately 4 inches. However due to their handmade nature, they vary a bit in size.

Paper: 30 Pages of Premium Watercolor Paper- perfect for most mediums!

Artist Shell Sketchbook


Please note that due to their nature, every single piece is completely unique. Every shell will have its own special features.  In the same note, because these are handmade pieces, some slight imperfections may exist.

All Sales are Final.



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