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*PREORDER FOR JANUARY 2024- All purchases receive a custom digital gift certificate for holiday presents*

Floral Bouquet Art

A unique and beautiful way to create a portrait of your family, yourself or special life events. Each design is hand drawn using flowers that are significant to your story and carefully arranged in a meaningful way. Floral Bouquet pieces feature transparent backgrounds so they can be printed on a variety of items such as prints, journals, and stationary. They are also some of my most popular requests as tattoos and look absolutely gorgeous in that medium!


Why choose Ashlimarierose as your artist?

Creating a design with deep meaning is always of utmost importance to me. I go beyond a simple floral design and create one with multiple symbols and significant meanings hidden throughout. Each art piece is carefully crafted to be both deeply meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.


How it Works

1. Under personalization, please include your email and a brief description of what you'd like drawn. 2. Within one business day, I will contact you regarding your order to discuss your design and ensure that I have all of the details you'd like included! 3. Within 6 weeks, I will email the final design + tattoo pass and send a hand signed print. Please note that because of the intricate detail that goes into these designs, no edits may be made.



1. Can I have edits done to my design during the process?

Because of the level of detail that goes into these pieces and to maintain my integrity as the artist, once the drawing process begins, no edits may be made.


2. Can you design my tattoo for a specific area of my body?

While knowing the general area of where you plan on getting your tattoo is helpful (i.e. right forearm) I don't design tattoos to fit any area of the body perfectly. My designs are meant to be "sticker style" and fit pretty much anywhere. If you'd like something that is custom fitted to a specific part of your body, it's best to work with a tattooer.


3. Do you design custom sleeves?

My floral bouquets are drawn at 8x10 in measurements so they can easily be used as a sleeve. However, I don't design sleeves that are designed to work with specific measurements or around any other designs.


4. I need my design created within a certain timeframe. Can you do it?

Because of my commission workload, current turnaround time is 6 weeks. I try my best to get designs to each client earlier but it's important to me to take my time creating every piece so that its the best it can be!


5. Can I use my design on other things?

Feel free to use your design on personal products! Every design features a transparent background so it can be used on anything from stationary to tote bags. The design cannot be used for commercial purposes such as logos, shirts for resale, etc. without an additional license. If you're interested in one, feel free to reach out to



Flower Months

January – carnations or snowdrops.

February – violets or primrose.

March – jonquil – daffodils – narcissus.

April – sweet pea or daisy – gerbera daisy.

May – Lily of the Valley.

June – rose.

July – larkspur – delphinum.

August – gladiolus or poppy.



Flower Meanings (Click to view)


What You Receive

1. A 5x7 signed print of your design mailed to you and ready to frame/hang up!

2. An 8x10 digital drawing of your tattoo design with a transparent background. This can be used by your tattoo artist, printed as wall art, and used in countless ways!

3. A digital waiver allowing you and your tattoo artist to use the artwork.

4. A pdf file full of design notes so that you can learn all about your artwork details!

Floral Custom Tattoo/Art Print

PriceFrom $115.00

Please note that after our initial design consultation, no further edits may be made. All designs are considered final once sent and may only be edited with a revised contract/hourly fee.

Because of its hand drawn nature, please understand that there will be slight "imperfections".

As with all art products, all sales are final and no returns or exchanges may be made.

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