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Showcase your special jewelry, keys, and trinkets with real gilded oyster and scallop shells! Each one is locally sourced and then carefully cleaned, hand painted and sealed with a high luster (almost water like!) finish. Use these little vessels to hold your gems and display special items!



Oyster shells are around 3 inches

Scallop shells are around 4 inches

Please note that because each piece is natural, every single one is completely unique. Sizing will vary.



Please note that every oyster and scallop shell has its own unique shape. Scallop shells work well as small bowls while oysters are flatter and work well as a display tray.

Gilded Sea Treasures


Please note that because of their handmade nature, some slight imperfections may exist. As with all art pieces, all sales are final.


These treasure vessels are for display only. Not intended to be food safe.

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