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Lover's Eye I


Original acrylic painting on a surfboard fin. Varnished and epoxy resin poured into a base made of reclaimed wood from a small surf shop in California.


Artist Statement

Long ago, eye miniature paintings were a popular way of keeping a loved one intimate and mysterious. Over the past few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of connection and “lover’s eyes” have been something that I’ve repeatedly returned to.


The piercing gaze. The intricate features that only two people would recognize. Both a bit thrilling and romantic.


A surfboard fin was chosen as the canvas to respresent the briefness of something thrilling- riding a wave swiftly through the sea just as Lover's Eye art were meant to be fleeting, amazing and then forgotten.


Fin Specs – Base: 4.37" / Depth: 4.55"

Fin Base: Top Approximately 3/8" inches Wide and 7 1/4" inch Long.


Surf fins are permanently attached to base and are for display use only.

Lover's Eye I


Due to the nature of this art piece, imperfections will exist.

The back of the piece is purposely left with a raw and unfinished texture. It is sealed with varnish just like the front.

As with all art pieces, all purchases are considered FINAL SALE. However, if you have any issues with your art piece, please reach out and we're happy to make it right.

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